Trusted Node’s First Gleam Campaign is Live!

Trusted Node’s whitelist allocation contest runs until October 15 2PM GTM.

We’re excited to direct you to our first whitelisting allocation Gleam campaign. This was organized to show our gratitude to the Trusted Node community. Your support for our project shows us how excited you are about what we’re building, and we are working toward introducing validator node rewards to everyone.

150 winners of the Gleam campaign will be eligible to each buy US$10 worth of our $TNODE token during our upcoming launchpad sale.

You can increase your chances of getting on the whitelist by completing all actions for the Gleam campaign.

Here is the full set of tasks:

As you complete these tasks, you will engage other members of Trusted Node’s community — and even introduce our network to newcomers.

The more you interact with Trusted Node, the better your chance is at becoming one of the 150 winners. We encourage you to create original memes about Trusted Node and refer friends to our Gleam campaign, because these actions will give you triple rewards!

The Gleam campaign is currently live and will run until October 15. Check out the full terms and conditions, geographical limitations, and other signup details here.

The date of our IDO hasn’t been set yet, but we will keep our community posted on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium so that you’ll be able to take part in the offering and acquire our $TNODE token.

Trusted Node gives you a way to harness your crypto assets and earn dual rewards without actively managing your portfolio. Specifically, our system opens access to proof-of-stake rewards that are not normally available to everyone. We accomplish this by running validator nodes on the most important emerging blockchains, while opening staking opportunities for all of Trusted Node’s users.

Those who hold our $TNODE token can receive boosted PoS rewards. Daily validator node rewards are channeled toward users who stake $TNODE. Plus, the token gives holders the right to participate in the governance of Trusted Node’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), so that you can take part in shaping the project’s future.

You can find more information about Trusted Node and $TNODE’s functionality here.

About Trusted Node

Trusted Node is creating a validator network for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains. It allows for professional stewardship of the network while providing yields to stakeholders who participate in the decision-making around nodes in the network infrastructure.

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Trusted Node

Trusted Node


Trusted Node is creating a validator network for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains.