Trusted Node Set to Partner with ONTO Wallet, a Leading Multi-chain Wallet Service Provider

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4 min readMay 26, 2022

Trusted Node is proud to announce that it will be collaborating with ONTO Wallet on multiple fronts. This strategic partnership will impact the growth of our ecosystems in a very positive way. With the move, our Trusted Node dapp and token have been listed within the ONTO Wallet, so that more users can know about our platform and how it serves them, as well as the broader crypto community.

Furthermore, the partnership will make it possible to integrate ONTO wallet within our dapp (which will be live at the end of May), allowing any ONTO user to interact with our platform without having to deal with some other web 3 wallets.

We are very appreciative of the AMA opportunity we had on March 23rd in which J Garcia, our Teach Lead, was able to give a detailed explanation of our Trusted Node platform to the ONTO Wallet Telegram Community with 80K+ members.

We were impressed by the questions from the community and would like to share some of them here:

Q1: According to what I’ve read, everyone staking $TNODE will earn a proportional share of the vault’s daily rewards. What method will be used to calculate this share?

A1: To give a bit of background, we currently host vaults on our app for TNODE holders.

There are 2 types of vaults:

1. Promotional

2. Liquidity

Our promotional vault rewards TNODE holders, whereas our liquidity vaults reward those providing liquidity to TNODE pairs on PancakeSwap or SpookySwap where we are listed.

In both cases, a fixed rewards pool is distributed among stakers based on their percentage of the total staked amount of all users. This means that the less stakers there are, the higher an APY you earn, so it’s best to get in early if you can.

Q2: What motivated you to create this project and will one of these methods be riskier or simpler than the other?

A2: First of all, proof of stake is only becoming bigger every day. With important blockchains like ETH, Cosmos, and Polkadot proving that proof of stake can work and be scalable without negatively affecting the environment that we lie in, more and more people are looking to participate in these ecosystems. The fundamental difference compared to proof of work is that miners use their stake to show investment in the network, but an important dynamic is that users don’t need to be miners to participate in transaction verification and block generation. Users are able to delegate their assets to validators, and so not have to run their own machine or have any technical knowledge.

This is great, but we ended up with a new problem..

There are more and more proof of stake blockchains, and there are more and more ways to stake your assets. This means more wallets, more dapps, more keys to manage, and more networks to constantly be monitoring. What our platform does is bring all of these together in one place. Centralized exchanges do this, but what is unique to our product is that we are totally decentralized. We are never holding your assets for you, you are always in control. We make it easy for anyone to participate in the future of proof of stake, this means that you can download wallets, stake assets, claim rewards, and monitor your assets, all from our platform.

Q3: Are you guys satisfied with the achievements and milestones made so far? Especially when you retrospect the day when you started your project?

A3: We are very proud of what we’ve built. A big reason for us having an edge in this space is that it’s very difficult to build a dapp like this. We are able to do it because of the strength of our team. We are leveraging our experience in crypto, connections in the industry, technical knowledge, and marketing power to build this product.

Another important element will be our vision and creativity, we truly believe that we’re building something that is totally unique and will be one of the top defi platforms for years to come. For that reason, we won’t truly be satisfied until we make this a reality.

In the near future, we look forward to working together with ONTO in whatever way we can, initiatives include joint marketing efforts and campaigns (probably something staking related). Stay tuned!

ONTO Wallet at a Glance

ONTO is one of the leading decentralized multi-chain wallet service providers. Their wallet services allow users to seamlessly manage their digital assets, data and digital identities either on mobile or the web. With ONTO, users can create a decentralized digital identity powered by ONTO’s impressive blockchain technology. What’s so unique about ONTO is that they have a robust encryption algorithm that protects users’ private data.

In terms of users, ONTO currently boasts of having over 800,000 active users. And their services are open to users globally.

About Trusted Node

Trusted Node is a non-custodial staking hub and validator network that allows users to stake their assets and participate in the validation and governance of multiple proof-of-stake networks from a common interface. The platform offers users the highest APRs in the space by cutting out the middle man, allowing users to put their assets to work and earn passive income.

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Trusted Node

Trusted Node is creating a validator network for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains.