Trusted Node Partners With OAK Network

Trusted Node
2 min readMay 27, 2022

Trusted Node has Integrated the OAK Validator Node within its ecosystem.

Trusted Node consistently scouts the crypto space for strong projects that add value to the whole crypto ecosystem. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Trusted Node will support the OAK validator node.

Our ambition of building a robust and diverse proof-of-stake staking portal has remained unwavering through months since we launched. By supporting the OAK validator node, we are not only enriching our users’ experience for POS staking, but also fueling the opportunity to earn high APR on $TUR. The partnership with OAK is just another mutual success in the journey to build more value in the crypto industry. We look forward to disrupting the DeFi space together with OAK Network.

Trusted Node X OAK AMA

We are planning to invite David, Head of Growth from OAK Network for an AMA on Trusted Node Twitter Space regarding our strategic partnership on 2 June, 2022. We will leverage this opportunity to introduce OAK to the TNODE community and unveil various areas we plan to collaborate. Please ensure you join the AMA for important info. We will release more details on the AMA on our Twitter Channel later.

About OAK Network

OAK is one of the leading PoS blockchain projects out there. The OAK network is reputed to have one of the best automation infrastructures for decentralized finance and recurring payments. OAK’s main objective is to build Stripe for Web 3.0. OAK is built and powered by a Parity Substrate. Not just that, it also has an event-driven execution model. This makes OAK pretty different from other chains’ transaction model which requires private key signing. With OAK’s unique payment model, transactions are triggered by event signals such as smart contract state changes, time and price. Please visit for more info.

About Trusted Node

Trusted Node is a non-custodial staking hub and validator network that allows users to stake their assets and participate in the validation and governance of multiple proof-of-stake networks from a common interface. The platform offers users the highest APRs in the space by cutting out the middle man, allowing users to put their assets to work and earn passive income.

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