Trusted Node Launches New Notification System


Trusted Node’s new Notification system is geared towards transforming users’ experience by allowing users to interact and stay updated with our products. This brilliant feature ensures you never miss out on staking rewards to be claimed, updates on newly added nodes, system updates, transaction status, and more.


Trusted Node is committed to improving users’ experience, and we have taken this up a notch by launching a notification system. This new feature is one of a kind and poised to change how users interact with our already amazing interface.

If you thought navigating the Trusted Node web app is already sleek, then our new notification system is prepped to remarkably transform your experience.

This notification system is an all-inclusive feature that gives users real-time updates on their activities on the Trusted Node platform.

Users can now interact better with our products.

Here is what our notification system offers:

Get notified on staking rewards to be claimed

You’ll agree that not getting notified when there are rewards to be claimed can be absolutely annoying, but guess what? Our Notification system solves that problem as you’ll always get an update when there are staking rewards to be claimed.

Updates on newly released nodes

The Trusted Node team is actively working behind the scenes on launching new nodes. Thanks to our Notification feature, you’ll get notified every time we add a new node. This way, you can take advantage of newly launched nodes that may interest you.

Transaction status

We know how important transactions are; that’s why we have ensured that our new Notification system gives users real-time updates on their transaction status.

System updates

The Trusted Node team carries out regular system updates every now and then. We know that this can sometimes slow down activities on our platform. Thankfully, our notification system will keep you notified on system updates. This way, you know what has been fixed and what we are working on.

Without a doubt, there is so much that comes with this brilliant feature, and we can’t wait for our users to start exploring it along with other products we currently offer. Our commitment to improving users’ experience on Trusted Node is unwavering, and we promise to keep up with the momentum.

About Trusted Node

Trusted Node is a proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains validator network. It allows for professional stewardship of the network while providing yields to stakeholders who participate in the decision-making around nodes in the network infrastructure.

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Trusted Node

Trusted Node

Trusted Node is creating a validator network for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains.