Sentinel Delegates 90 Million $DVPN to Trusted Node to Further Secure Global dVPN Network

We are excited to share news about our integration with Sentinel, an ecosystem of global autonomous dVPN applications enabling private and censorship-resistant internet access. Trusted Node will operate full dVPN blockchain nodes for users to delegate their $DVPN tokens in our newly launched Staking Portal in return for rewards.

Trusted Node users can now play a part in securing Sentinel’s dVPN global network and applications by improving blockchain uptime and availability, and in return receive proof-of-stake $DVPN rewards via our non-custodial staking infrastructure.

Sentinel offers a scalable and decentralized VPN solution

Sentinel’s vision is to empower universal access to the internet in a trusted and provable manner by decentralizing the VPN industry. Contrary to most mainstream VPN applications that often fall short of offering true privacy and reliability, Sentinel’s robust and holistic “dVPN” provides features like provable encryption and proof that users’ browsing or data history is never logged.

To take one more step toward making that vision a reality, Sentinel has delegated 90 million $DVPN to us in order to secure its dVPN global network using Trusted Node’s validator node infrastructure. Our collaboration lays the foundation for expanding the scope and utility of Sentinel’s dVPN.

Trusted Node’s commitment to the ecosystem and our users

We are committed to providing our leading node infrastructure and operational expertise to support projects in the blockchain ecosystem. Providing nodes for Sentinel is one of Trusted Node’s many milestones in our journey to create a validator network for next-generation blockchains while rewarding our users for their contributions to secure the networks.

Our Staking Portal is online and ready for you to delegate $DVPN tokens. In case you missed it — the $DVPN delegated with Trusted Node recorded an extra 120% ROI compared to returns that could be gleaned from trading on an exchange. The process of delegating tokens is easy — with our streamlined user interface, earning passive income is only one click away.

About Sentinel

Sentinel, a decentralized VPN protocol, is built on Cosmos SDK-based architecture. Differing from centralized VPN companies that have been proven to log user data, Sentinel is an open-source, encrypted, peer-to-peer bandwidth marketplace accessible to anyone. Users can connect to any of the provably secure dVPN applications built on the Sentinel network. Individuals can also earn passive income by offering bandwidth to the marketplace. Live network statistics can be found at

About Trusted Node

Trusted Node is creating a validator network for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains. It allows for professional stewardship of the network while providing yields to stakeholders who participate in the decision-making around nodes in the network infrastructure.

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Trusted Node

Trusted Node


Trusted Node is creating a validator network for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains.