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4 min readJun 16, 2022


The Trusted Node team always looks forward to participating in crypto events face-to-face as these moments enable us to demonstrate the real value of Trusted Node. So this year’s DCentral and Consensus’ Grit Daily House events gave us the perfect opportunity to engage with our audience and unveil our roadmap. Here is a recap of last week’s activities:

At DCentral, Austin

DCentral, Austin was one of the most anticipated Web3 events of the summer and featured the latest in Crypto, GameFi, Play-to-Earn, DAOs, NFTs, and Metaverses. This event kicked off Consensus Festival Week in Austin; a week-long festival touted as “a showcase of all that crypto has to offer,” and presented by Coindesk. The event was packed with exciting talks, booths, experiences, and opportunities for networking. DCentral was suported by over 200 speakers, who shared their vast experiences and knowledge of the Web3 space.

Trusted Node’s parent company, Laguna, had a booth at DCentral, showcasing the full ecosystem of exciting products, including Trusted Node. We engaged in valuable conversations with visitors at our booth,many of whom were already familiar with Trusted Node and who provided positive feedback and constructive advice on our project. But we also had the opportunity to present Trusted Node to a slew of new potential users who were keen on learning more and also try it out.

Trusted Node CEO Stefan Rust was widely featured during DCentral with an Opening Ceremony keynote talking about “Why the World Needs Decentralized Stablecoins” as well as a panel on “How to Create Innovations in Web3”.

Most notably, during his Laguna Opening Ceremony Keynote, Stefan shared industry insights and also introduced the audience to Trusted Node and the benefits to all our users to get the rewards they deserve on the coins they love. He also introduced for the first time Laguna’s inflation-protected DeFi ecosystem consisting of a stablecoin Nuon and Truflation, an economic set of data indexes on-chain making them accessible to developers looking to build DeFi products.

Here is the replay of all that happened last week at DCentral:

At Consensus’ Grit Daily House

Consensus, the most influential crypto & blockchain experience of the year since 2015, returned to an in-person format in Austin, Texas, this year! And Consensus’ official side-event Grit Daily House is the go-to place for companies to meet-and-mix; meet journalists and get the scoop on some of the week’s best content; watch activations, giveaways, panels and fireside talks led by star moderators who don’t compromise on audience attention. Laguna and Trusted Node partnered with Grit Daily House on June 9th, to highlight major happenings in the Blockchain, Crypto and DeFi spaces and bring together some of the leading names in these ecosystems. The day was covered by top journalists who provided scoops on some of the best content from the event.

At the Grit Daily House, Stefan and other Laguna contributors spoke extensively on a wide array of topics, such as Crypto Investment Trends, How not to Invest in Crypto, the role of a wallet and Money Isn’t Money anymore… and a series of other topics.

To wrap up, both DCentral and Consensus’ Grit Daily House events were a successful enabler for our brand to communicate our message; this has resulted in many new users and community members.

With all the turmoil happening at this time, we close this recap with a quote from Trusted Node CEO, Stefan Rust, “The most important thing is that we need to be able to continue to innovate. We can’t slow down. We have to push the needle all the time.”

About Trusted Node

Trusted Node is a non-custodial staking hub and validator network that allows users to stake their assets and participate in the validation and governance of multiple proof-of-stake networks from a common interface. The platform offers users the highest APRs in the space by cutting out the middle man, allowing users to put their assets to work and earn passive income.

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