How to add Liquidity on PancakeSwap Pools via

In this article, we will go through the process of adding liquidity, step by step.

Get Your Assets Ready

To add liquidity, you need to have the two assets in the pool at the same address. You also need to have some BNB tokens — enough to pay the transaction fees, usually less than $1.

Get TNODE in your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Address

You may skip this section if:

  • you already have TNODE in your BSC address;
  • you already know how to get TNODE in your BSC address.

If you don’t own TNODE, then you will need to buy TNODE from the market. You can do that by swapping tokens on PancakeSwap.

How to add Liquidity

  1. Connect to your MetaMask or TrustWallet and connect to Binance Smart Chain.
  2. Select ‘get LP tokens’ or ‘STAKE’ and click ‘GET LP TOKENS’ from the TNODE/BUSD Liquidity Vault.

3. Input the desired TNODE and BUSD amount you want to add to the TNODE/BUSD liquidity vault and click on ‘ADD LIQUIDITY’.

4. After confirming supply, MetaMask/TrustWallet will again require a small fee to complete the approval. As you may have noticed, this is common practice for such transactions.

5. Congratulations, you are now a TNODE liquidity provider!

Stake your TNODE/BUSD LP tokens on Trusted Node

Now that you hold a certain amount of TNODE/BUSD LP tokens, you can stake them in the TNODE/BUSD Vault on Trusted Node.

To do so, simply go there, click on Stake and approve the amount you want to stake.

You can claim your rewards whenever you want, and you can stake them back in the TNODE vault.

About Trusted Node

Trusted Node is creating a validator network for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains. It allows for professional stewardship of the network while providing yields to stakeholders who participate in the decision-making around nodes in the network infrastructure.

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