2022 Wrap Up

Trusted Node
2 min readJan 10, 2023

Dear Tnodians,

As we embark into the new year we wanted to update you on what’s been happening during 2022

It’s certainly been an eventful 2022. We’ve had some wins, some losses and, yes, some of the product investments turned out to be a bet on the wrong platform, however we are still here,committed and focussed on BUIDL in 2023.

Last year at Trusted Node we focused and invested heavily on building a liquid staking solution. This solution was going to be decentralized, self custodial and allow users to stake their tokens while earning the respective rewards in the coins they love. Through the liquid staking protocol, users would have the option to receive a synthetic token representing their ownership in the staked ownership, which the user in turn would use to partake in DeFi protocols, trade on DEX or use as collateral with lending protocols. The products were all built around Terra and the $LUNA Ecosystem.

As you can see, Terra’s demise had a significant impact on Trusted Node, both in terms of our product strategy, time and resource investments as well as financially.

Since then, however, we have got up, re-designed and focused our efforts and resources on user experience and convenience while supporting other ecosystems and building relevant solutions that will bring value to Trusted Node over the longer term.

Trusted Node is currently servicing 16 nodes, up 10 nodes from last year. Some of the new nodes include

  • Oak Turing Network on Kusama,
  • The Graph and
  • $ETH staking with Rocket Pool.

What can you expect in 2023?

Our first priority will be to roll out our Premium features on the Trusted Node platform to which users may subscribe. We spent most of Q3 and Q4 developing these features and are now close to completion which include service like

- Auto-compounding of validator rewards

- The ability to track and download individual user transaction histories across multiple nodes

- Unique wallet linking, whereby users connect 1 ID wallet to recognize all wallets across ecosystems.

These capabilities are expected to be finalized and ready to begin launching by the end of Q1 2023.

To highlight these features we have also invested in improving user engagement and will revamp the website and web app. We have engaged excellent UX/UI talent to give us a fresh new look, iincreasing simplicity and navigation across the site and app..

Throughout 2023 we will be building out the Trusted Node business driving adoption and referrals by:

- Integrating with wallet providers to provide our services in-app to users

- Launching a swap feature on the trustednode.io website to enable users to optimize yield

- Offering a blockchain infrastructure as a service business including white label services and institutional delegations

We are still working and BUIDLing hard and are very excited for 2023. This is the year of BUIDL, True Believers and telling signals apart from noise.

Trusted Node thanks you for your support and to wish you all the best for 2023

The Trusted Node Team



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